Fair Systems of Government

Greetings, friends! With all the discussion surrounding COVID-19 and its effects on the health and well-being of ALL God’s children, I hope the importance of Michigan’s primary last Tuesday didn’t escape you and you made the effort to get out to the polls and VOTE.  (Washing your hands thoroughly as soon as you were able, … Continue reading Fair Systems of Government

Letters of Agreement

Greetings, Friends! As I was walking back to the dorm after dinner, I could almost smell spring in the air! I know many of us had quite a snowstorm last week but, thankfully, our weekend brought warmer temps, bright blue skies and the promise of spring to come. And did anyone else notice the beautiful … Continue reading Letters of Agreement

Welcoming Cuba

  Greetings, Friends! As I write this afternoon, the sun is shining and, though it’s still very cold outside, I feel the hope of spring in the air.  One colleague at lunch even remarked delightedly that he had heard the song of three different songbirds while he walked to campus this morning. Yes, we may … Continue reading Welcoming Cuba