2020 Diocesan Convention

Greetings, Friends! This is generally my favorite time of year.  I love the beginning of the academic year and the opportunity to welcome new students to campus here.  I love the autumn colors and the smell of bonfires.  I love the brightly decorated pumpkins.  And, I love attending Diocesan Convention!  Now, you might be a … Continue reading 2020 Diocesan Convention

All Things Convention!

Greetings, Friends! As you are probably aware, plans are well underway for our first ever Virtual Diocesan Convention, to be held online October 23 and 24, 2020. In fact, last Saturday members of Diocesan Council participated in an audio/visual “practice” convention so that those responsible for the technology required for a virtual convention could make … Continue reading All Things Convention!

Peace in South Sudan

Greeting, Friends!! The Episcopal Church of South Sudan came about with the Church Missionary Society working to spread Christianity in the area in 1899. The Diocese of Sudan was part of the Jerusalem archbishopric. It is currently under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The new Province was established in 1976. It is a … Continue reading Peace in South Sudan