A serious look at domestic violence (and what can be done to stop it)

One thought on “A serious look at domestic violence (and what can be done to stop it)”

  1. I also worked in a domestic violence shelter in the mid-80s. It concerns me that, 30 years later, prevention is still a minuscule part of the plan to end DV. It was an inspiring event to see a survivor of abuse regain her self- respect and self-assurance and establish a life for herself and her children free from her abuser. The problem was that, within six months of starting there, I was reading intake paperwork of people new to the shelter. They were new, but the name of their assailant was an old and familiar one. I understand that funding is an issue, but there is more to it than that. I attended an in-service organized by Lou Okon. He was possibly the only person in Michigan at the time working with assailants. After a staged incident of DV, he asked the audience to respond to the actors. There was much interaction with the victims. No one wanted to risk interacting with the abuser.

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