Can’t we all just get along? The issue of being misunderstood

2 thoughts on “Can’t we all just get along? The issue of being misunderstood”

  1. Thank you, Judith. I had not read the freep article until now, but I agree that it was a very slanted view of what took place. The one possibly “divisive” comment was shut down rather quickly by the bishop himself. I am sure that the gentleman who brought up the amendments to the resolution was unhappy, but not because he was not heard. He was heard and the majority disagreed with him. The only thing I think we could have done better was to go ahead and give him another 3 minutes, though I am sure that would not have changed the outcome.

  2. Thanks, Judith, for attempting to clear this up for those who weren’t at convention to witness what actually transpired! I thought people were quite respectful of each other’s opinions. I agree with Sara that it would have been more gracious of us all to allow the one speaker another 3 minutes. I think the only reason it wasn’t allowed was because it was obvious that the resolution was going to pass. I applaud the speaker’s willingness to speak his mind while knowing he was in the minority.

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