Another sad reminder of the need for gun-free zones

2 thoughts on “Another sad reminder of the need for gun-free zones”

  1. Building your sense of safety through making all Episcopal churches a gun-free zone, only ensures that law abiding gun owners will not be there to protect you, should a non-law abiding person decide to shoot everyone in the building. I would feel much safer knowing there is a concealed permit carrier in the building there to protect me. . . .”our buildings and properties are a safe sanctuary for worship and ministry” is only safe, should everyone decide to obey the law. Unfortunately we live in a world where we need to protect ourselves from criminals.

  2. Thank you, Judith, for another thoughtful and thought-provoking blog. I am pleased that the Church continues to encourage all sanctuaries to remain gun-free zones. While I understand the desire to protect ourselves and our loved ones, I’m not sure that allowing guns into our sanctuaries is the best means to secure that protection. Our churches must ensure the message we convey to the world is one of peace. No matter how good the intentions of a concealed permit carrier might be, the underlying message is one of violence. I pray that as we continue to seek ways to keep our sanctuaries safe, we remain in open conversation with one another, honoring our differing passions and opinions on this complex issue.

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