Vote Faithfully

Greetings, Friends! This morning as I was driving to church, I was listening to NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday when I heard the story of the MacArthur Fellow, Vijay Gupta, a violist from the Los Angeles Philharmonic. In the interview, Gupta shared his passion for playing music and his passion for sharing the gift of music … Continue reading Vote Faithfully

Aid For Palestine

Greetings, Friends – I was thinking about the freshmen on campus this week. Recently it occurred to me that most of them were born in the year 2000 – a very different century than the majority of my Nuts and Bolts audience. And, this week with the remembrance of 9/11, I am reminded that most … Continue reading Aid For Palestine

Pray Fast Act: Accessible and Equitable Higher Education

Greetings, Friends! Labor Day blessings to you all!! I’ve been distracted.  Participating in General Convention, a visit to my daughter’s in Massachusetts, and getting ready for the beginning of the new academic year contributed to my lack of focus on other things – like the monthly reminder for “For Such a time as This” and … Continue reading Pray Fast Act: Accessible and Equitable Higher Education