Our National Emergency

Greetings, Friends! I generally wait until Sunday each week to work on the blog you get to read on Monday but this week I knew I had a very full weekend ahead so I decided to start on Friday afternoon.  First, I went through the list of resolutions from General Convention that dioceses and congregations … Continue reading Our National Emergency


Greetings, Friends! Last week for me was particularly busy and this week looks to be even more challenging so, when I started thinking about writing this week’s  blog on Saturday, I had no idea where to begin and I knew I needed a topic that might even write itself.  I offered up a brief “please, … Continue reading #EpiscopalEvangelism

Let us Gather!

Greetings, Friends! I hope you are all warm and well-stocked with supplies for this week’s weather that is coming our way. This might be as good time to help stock the local food pantries and remember to check on neighbors who might have trouble getting out and those who live alone. The harsh temps that … Continue reading Let us Gather!

Repairing Our Safety Net

Greetings, Friends! On this blustery Sunday, my thoughts have been centered on keeping my dorm warm and dry for the guys living here. Our furnace went out Friday night and was finally providing heat and hot water again for us on Saturday evening. Dealing with this rather insignificant emergency has prompted me to consider yet … Continue reading Repairing Our Safety Net


Happy New Year, Dear Friends!  And a Blessed Epiphany to you all! I had every intention of sending out blogs over the last few weeks. I packed my computer for the holidays and was all set. I even had topics that I wanted to share with you all.  Once exams ended at the college and … Continue reading Shutdown